5 Step “Secret Formula” To Start Getting Your Dream Body… Today!

Why not make this the year you achieve all of your weight loss goals and finally get that dream body you can feel proud in?

Well, I’m about to make it happen easier than you ever thought possible.

Because I’m going to show you the secret to reaching any weight loss goal you set for yourself…

It doesn’t matter if you have 70 pounds to lose… or just the last 10. As long as you apply the simple formula, I’m about to share with you… you’re guaranteed to reach your goal.

How can I be so confident?

Because I’ve used the same secrets I’m about to share with you…

To drop 55 pounds of fat…
in little time! *

And the many clients I’ve shared these secrets with have quickly uncovered their dream bodies as well.

You see… no matter how many pounds you have to lose…

Every goal begins with the same first step… with one crucial decision…

Your decision to take action.

Right here. Right now. No more procrastinating.

Time is our most valuable asset. If you waste it, you can never get it back.

But with this foolproof formula, you’ll never have to worry about wasting time again.  Simply put it into action… and you’ll be on the path to accomplishing your fat loss goals… by the end of today!

So pay attention…

Here’s the formula:

1. Make a to-do list.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. They’re capable of great things. The only problem is… like a kid in a candy store, they’re easily distracted!

That’s why we need to tell our minds what to focus on.

We need to let it know what is important to us… so it can start spending energy on accomplishing the tasks important to achieving your weight loss goal.

And you do that by making a to-do list.

Write down the things you need to do to get on the right track. For example: I always advise my clients to throw out all the junk food in their homes (so they aren’t tempted so easily). Another example would be… to go sign up for the gym (or start a workout routine in your home).

For effective workout routines you can do right in front of your TV, check out Fat Loss Fiesta.

Once you have a few tasks written down, figure out which are the most important. Then, you give those the most priority.

Finally, give yourself a deadline. Pick a time you want to have everything done by… and then… stick to that deadline!

That’s the most important part. Without setting a time limit, your natural instinct would be to put it off longer. But with the deadline looming, you’ll be forced into taking action!

And each action you take brings you closer to where you want to be.

2. Plan ahead of time.

Did you know… for every minute you spend planning out a task, it saves ten minutes when completing that task?

It’s true in every aspect of your life… especially weight loss.

For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight… make sure you plan your meals. Prepare them ahead of time. That way, when you’re hungry, you’ll have healthy meals to choose from… instead of resorting to junk food out of desperation.

Also, if you’re going to be working out in the mornings… get your workout outfit ready before you go to bed. That way when you wake up… and you can quickly put it on and get out the door, instead of procrastinating (which will make you more likely to skip the workout)

3. Break your goal down into bite-sized mini-goals.

Trying to lose 50 pounds all at once can be intimidating. It can cause you a lot of unnecessary stress… and may cause you to quit.

So what should you do?

Break your goal down into little mini-goals that are easier for your mind to visualize.

Don’t focus on losing 50 pounds. Instead, plan on losing just 5 pounds.

And set yourself a specific deadline you want to lose that weight by. Give it a clear end date… and keep your focus until you reach that goal.

Then once you lose that 5 pounds…

Set another goal to lose 10!

When you do it this way, you’ll start building momentum and each goal will become easier and easier to reach…

Until before you know it, all 50 pounds are gone!

4. Practice the 60 Second Rule.

We can’t get sidetracked by all the little meaningless decisions that come up each day.

We‘re on a mission here… so we have to be decisive.

So you’re tired and don’t feel like going to the gym? Give yourself 60 seconds to get out the door. Don’t allow time for the doubt to start creeping in.

Feel a sugar craving coming on? You have 60 seconds to find something healthy to eat instead.

These little decisions add up to big results.

5. Follow people who’ve achieved the goals you’re trying to reach!

There’s no point in trying to figure everything out yourself. That will leave you feeling tired and frustrated.

The much smarter way… is to find people who have already achieved your goals… and then just copy what they did.

It can save you years of struggle.

I wish someone would have told me this when I was starting out…

I ended up struggling with my weight for years before I developed a system that actually worked.

But once I discovered that system… everything was easy-breezy… and I was able to drop 55 pounds in little time. *

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1 Alia J. Crum and Ellen J. Langer, Harvard University