Burn Fat By Eating Junk Food?

A Fat Loss Breakthrough By Ingrid Macher

I’m about to reveal a little-known trick to losing your unwanted fat fast… in one smooth ride… without ever hitting any of the frustrating stumbling blocks most people get stuck at.

And I’m about to show you how to do it by eating pizza… cookies… ice cream… or whatever other junk food you like best.

Sound too good to be true?

Well… I used this trick to drop over 55 pounds in little time…* and more importantly, kept that weight off for good.

And once you know it, all your fat loss efforts become easier, less stressful, and waaaay more fun.

See, the truth is… being too strict with your diet might be what’s keeping you fat.

I made this same mistake myself during years of struggling with my weight.  When I jumped into a weight loss program, I followed it 100%. I made sure to stick to the diet, eating the same amount of calories every day. I did the same workouts every day.

And in the beginning, it worked. The pounds started coming off. So I was afraid to change anything up. I thought if I did anything differently, I would gain the weight back.

Well, soon the weight loss stopped. Even though I was doing the same things every day… eating the same boring foods… I hit a frustrating plateau and didn’t know how to get out of it.

(UPDATE: Since then, I’ve discovered a system that allowed me to lose fat fast… without ever being “bored” by the foods I was eating. Check it out here )

But then I talked to a nutritional expert who explained it in a way that made perfect sense.

He compared the human body to a car… and the calories we eat are like the gas tank. We rely on those calories for energy to get us through the day.

The only problem is… if you give it the same amount of gas every day, your body can only take you so far. You keep going to the same destination… and stop losing weight. Your progress levels out.

If you want to make more progress, you have to give your body more gas.

And that’s why, once per week… you need to have a cheat meal!

A meal higher in calories and carbohydrates that boosts your energy levels.

This is the perfect time to eat those foods you’ve been craving during the week… the pizza… the ice cream… the cookies… nothing is off limits.

And while it’s natural to think this is going to make you fat… it doesn’t work that way.

Your body soaks in the extra calories like a sponge… and it starts releasing more energy.

Energy you can use in the gym the next day for a killer workout. So you’re able to work harder… and easily burn off those calories (and then some).

Since your body expects more energy to come in, it starts releasing more fat. Then when you go back to the healthy way of eating the next day, the fat starts melting off again.

But there’s two things to know here…

One… you have to time your cheat meal right. You can’t just start eating junk food at random times. If you do that, you’re going to get fat… but when you know the correct timing, you’ll be able to eat foods other “dieters” couldn’t even dream of… and look better for it.

Two… in order to take advantage of the cheat meal, you have to follow the right “fat blasting workout” the next day.

If you skip this step, it’s not going to work for you.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is… this workout only takes 20 minutes to do… and can be done in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else you choose.)

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(Results may vary for each person)


1 Alia J. Crum and Ellen J. Langer, Harvard University