For Miami mother of two, Ingrid Macher, getting in the best shape of her life while juggling work and family, felt almost impossible.

But since blasting away 50 lbs of stubborn fat… Ingrid’s focused on making fat loss simple, quick and FUN for busy people like you!

While becoming Miami’s most sought after personal trainer and health coach… Ingrid’s been sharing her 3 “Belly-Flattening Secrets” with ordinary Miami men and women… desperate to get South Beach sexy!

On this page… Ingrid Macher, reveals the 3 *weird* Belly-Flattening Secrets that really work to get you looking trim… slim… and sexier than ever before!

I used to have the “Muffin top”… the “Saddlebags”… the “Cottage cheese thighs”… I had it all!

Plus, like a lot of women today, I was tired all the time.  After two babies I just didn’t feel sexy anymore.

My husband loved me but I didn’t love myself. If you’ve ever been in a similar place in your life you know it crushes you inside.

The fad diets… the workout DVDs… the infomercial machines. Pills, powders, potions… you try everything.

You know… maybe you lose a little water-weight… but it just comes back... worse than before.

I was able to transform my body and I want to help YOU
transform yours too.

What did transform this busy Miami mother of two from frustrated and flabby, to firm and fabulous? 

The fat-blasting phenomenon known as…

And this is Ingrid’s first “Belly-Flattening Secret.”

Best of all…

This amazing fat-blasting advance doesn’t require starvation diets… risky pills and potions… or hours of treadmill time…

Instead… it’s like placing an order with your brain for a hot new body and actually having it delivered!

Recent University research proves it…

There’s simply no easier way to… 

Hit the sand without ever worrying about your belly spilling out over your bikini bottoms or shorts...
Slip into tight-fitting clothes and look even better than the mannequin…
Walk into any event, or down any aisle, looking and feeling like a million bucks!

Connecting your mind and body like two links in a chain… That’s the most important piece of the fat loss puzzle. It’s how you can finally start to love your body and yourself.

And Ingrid’s going to show you exactly how simple, quick and easy it really is!

Harvard scientists
recently showcased the unrivalled power of “Mind-Body-Merging” for the entire world to see…

They had two groups of women perform the same easy body movements every day for 4 weeks… but only one lucky group was coached in this new fat-blasting science…

And for the first time scientifically documented, something amazing occurred.

The group with this unfair advantage shed more fat… and lowered their blood pressure!

It’s not your fault you haven’t been able to get the smooth sexy body you deserve.

Until today you’ve had no way to access this critical information. 

But you’re here now. So don’t waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Find out how Ingrid can help you change your life forever in the next 21 days!

Yes… just three weeks!

My name is Dree, I'm 34 years old from Charleston, SC.

I've lived in South Florida for 2 years. I hung out in South Beach all the time, but I would not DARE wear a bikini on the beach, because I was overweight.

I decided in January to change my life...

His name is… Rene Lavan.

Ladies… you might recognize him from his roles in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, CSI Miami & your favorite Telenovelas…

But when Rene hit 40 the love handles started to appear… and the love scenes started to disappear.

Now… thanks to his friend Ingrid… he’s ready for his close-up all over again!

Hollywood Actor Rene Lavan Loses 40 Pounds!

"I'm the proud father of identical twin boys, they're 4 1/2 years old… I went from being a young single actor in my 30s, traveling the world, living in LA and New York, doing movies & Broadway…

I was skinny all my life, but when the kids were born premature, and in the hospital for 2 months, it was such a life changing experience, that I completely focused on them and saving their lives.

I didn't realize it then how much it took a toll in my life.. How much I forgot about me.. and at the end, 4 years later I was 40-50 pounds overweight and I wasn't acting anymore.

I was very happy to be a father, but I wasn't happy with me.. That was the moment I decided I'm going to do something about it.. I want my career back.

Ingrid's program made me forget that this was a "have to" and it became a "want to".. I just wanted to do it.

I lost 40 pounds and I have now regained my career and regained my life again… I feel great, there's no stopping me now… You can do it too.

I challenge you right now.. Get your life back!"

Form the right habits and you can burn fat 24/7 and feel great doing it!

That’s why my 2nd “Belly-Flattening Secret” is so important…

“Locking-in” fat-blasting habits that last a lifetime.

According to experts… an amazing 40% of our daily actions are things we do without even thinking…
(Source: The Power Of Habit, Charles Duhigg)

But here’s something I bet you didn’t know…

Studies show you can replace a “bad” habit with a new
“good” habit in only 3 weeks.

And that’s exactly how long it takes to complete my Fat-Blasting Challenge.

21 days to establish fat-blasting habits that get you… and keep you… sleek and sexy… day after day… month after month.

And it doesn’t just work for women. Men see tremendous results using my system too, like my friend Oswaldo…

"One day, I took a picture of myself with my phone and when I looked at that picture.. I said to myself "that's it.. I have to do something.. I have to change my life...

Now, everything in my life has changed.. I got a new job and I'm at a new stage in my life...
I take everything positive and it has changed my life…

I lost 22 pounds, and this is the new Oswaldo! If I can do it, you can do it!"

Why not let Ingrid put an end to your “yo-yo dieting” forever.

So this time… when fat melts off your thighs… tummy… and tush, the habits you form over the next exciting three weeks, mean fat’s gone for good. 

A word of warning though…

When you join Ingrid’s 21 Day Fat-Blasting Challenge today…

…you get everything you need to slim down and feel fabulous…

That means you have…

Because Ingrid doesn’t just tell you exactly what foods you should be eating… and what foods to avoid…
She also introduces you to “SUPERFOODS” on the shelves of your local grocery store right now, ready to slim you down while keeping you feeling full all day long.

But if you want to flaunt a sexy slimmed-down new body… Ingrid’s not done yet.

She’s making healthy eating fun with delicious “mix ‘n’ match” menu options that never get boring. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and every tasty snack in-between… she’s got you 100% covered with the healthiest, tastiest food you can imagine!

Delicious French Toast… Mouth-Watering Tilapia… Sizzling Stir-Fry’s… Juicy Turkey Burgers… and yes, even Pizza!

And this is my favorite part… because I couldn’t follow any plan if I wasn’t allowed to cheat every single week, without ever feeling guilty about it.

Chocolate cake… quesadillas… ice cream… yes, even pizza! In fact, this is my…

No-one else is telling you this, but you must cheat on your diet every week!

If this sounds way more fun than any diet you’ve ever heard of… that’s because it is! 

This cheating isn’t about just giving you something to look forward to each week… it’s much more than that…

What most people don’t know is that when you follow a daily healthy eating plan, your body adapts to your new nutrition habits. This stalls your fat loss.

However… cheat once in a while and you keep your body guessing…

Shifting your metabolism into high gear so it can blast away all the unsightly fat stored in your arms, belly and butt. So you can finally be confident in your body, never again afraid to show it off.

And that’s just the start…

Because Mind-Body Merging is going to make it easier than ever to regain your high-school hotness!

Ingrid helps you “re-set your mind” so you stay beautiful, self-assured, energetic, healthy and happy!

But she’s not done yet…

Because you also get clued-in like never before about how to eat to burn maximum fat… even when you’re out at a restaurant.   

Plus… Ingrid uncovers…

The “food label lies” stopping you from sliding easily into your skinny jeans…  

The secret way to use your bathroom shower to fight junk food cravings… and to eliminate harmful TOXINS from your body. Ingrid says ““This one trick helped me burn 14lbs of fat in only 21 days!”
The one “killer carb” to avoid at all costs… and Ingrid’s “carb solutions” that give you a delicious array of choices whenever a craving hits.
The secret to losing 7.3 pounds of ugly fat per year, just from drinking ice cold water on a simple regular schedule.
The “cupboard seasoning” secretly sabotaging your best fat loss efforts… and Ingrid’s 14 choices of easy replacements.

But that’s not all, because Ingrid has crafted a “do-anywhere” combo of easy body movements that sculpt lean sexy muscles.

Ingrid hand-picked these fat-blasting body movements so you can re-shape your body in the privacy and comfort of your own home, even if you’re a busy parent like her!

"When I was overweight, I felt really bad about myself. Every time I looked in the mirror, I would cry. I can't explain that feeling... that you feel embarrassed… ugly... not
attractive… I think it's really hard for a woman to feel that way…

I was always unhappy and I wouldn't go out… I felt like I was heavy, I didn't want to buy new clothes because they looked awful… It was really, really sad.

I was so unhealthy and I felt so bad about myself… But now look at me, I lost 24 pounds and now I feel sexy & hot!"

Take Ingrid’s 21 Day Fat-Blasting Challenge… and you get everything you need to see the SEXIER NEW YOU smiling back in the mirror just 3 weeks from today.

Armed with Fat Loss Fiesta: The Complete Fat-Blasting Guide… shedding fat is easier than ever before.

This fun, colorful 188 page guide is your easy-to-follow map to a total body transformation.

Ingrid takes you by the hand and walks you from day one… all the way through to day 21 and beyond!

And forget the badly drawn stick figures you might expect with other programs… every “Muscle Toning Motion” in F.L.F., comes illustrated with beautiful color photos of Ingrid demonstrating exactly how it’s done.

And in many cases, these fast, fun workouts require no exercise equipment at all… just everyday household items.

PLUS… much better than waiting six to eight weeks for something you order from TV… you get to download and enjoy the complete Fat Loss Fiesta program just minutes from now…

You can even do it on your iPad!

Of course… you also get Ingrid’s exclusive guide to “Mind-Body-Merging” … the Harvard-backed fat-blasting breakthrough that’s taken Miami by storm…

So you’re not just sexy… now you’re South Beach sexy!

“Mind-Body Merging” is your secret to finally owning the body you’ve always dreamed of... And you can only get it with Fat Loss Fiesta!

PLUS so you simply can’t go wrong in the supermarket, you get Ingrid’s “Flat-Belly Approved” grocery list


And so you’ve got an amazing selection of fat-blasting foods to choose from… Ingrid’s also giving you 21 breakfast recipes… 21 lunch recipes… and 21 dinner recipes! 

These aren’t uninspired “skinless chicken breast” meals you see on all those bookstore diets, no!
Instead, you get…

I’ve always said…

"If your diet doesn’t let you savor rich,
mouth-watering foods while still getting a sleek ‘n’ sexy body…It’s time for a new diet!"

You’ll bite into delicious fat-blasting foods like…


Transporting you to Italy with each bite… this succulent breast of chicken is dripping with mozzarella melted to perfection.



This spicy South American treat is the tasty opposite of bland, boring diet food! 



This fat-fighting dinner will make you wish you’d tried this fun way of eating years ago!



For a flavor-packed taste of the ocean… seared to perfection in a skillet, and marinated in its natural juices.


And much, much more!

And to make life even easier… 

Ingrid’s prepared you a 7-Day Kick Start Menu.

So your first week’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks are planned for you.

No stress… no fuss… just tasty fat-blasting foods all day long.  

But it gets even better…

What if you could double your fat loss simply by writing a few words every day?

Well… get this

Studies show active use of a food journal can help you double the amount of fat you burn.

And when you enroll in Ingrid’s 21 Day Fat-Blasting Challenge you get her personally-crafted version of this powerful accountability tool

When you’re accountable to yourself you get to see the amazing power you hold inside you to make incredible changes in the way you look and feel.

I’ve done it… they’ve done it…

Now it’s your turn to transform your life in the next 21 days!


We’re all looking for the easy way to change our lives…

When you think of easy you might think “liposuction.” But surgery like this doesn’t just carry risks… it also comes with a bill for upwards of $15,000.00!

There’s always personal trainers… They’ll happily torture you for $70 an hour. Go twice a week and you need to fork over $7,280 per year!

And even though diet pills can put you at risk for a heart attack… just from a cost perspective; a 12 month supply of pills is going to run you $600 or more!

So instead of costly surgery… instead of a personal trainer or diet pills…

Let “Mind-Body Merging” command your body to shed all the fat that gets you down every time you look in the mirror…
Build fat-blasting habits in the next 21 days that will get your belly smooth, and keep it firm and flat for years to come, and…
Super-charge your metabolism to burn fat 24/7 by "cheating" 100% guilt-free every week!

Enroll today in Ingrid’s 21 Day Fat-Blasting Challenge, not for the $15,000.00 surgery would cost… the $7,000.00 a personal trainer would take out of your pocket… or even the $600.00 diet pills would run you for a year…

Instead… you can start to change your life today for only one easy payment of $37—less than the cost of your morning coffee for the next 21 days!

And you do it with absolutely no risk to you.

Let Ingrid’s 21 Day Fat-Blasting Challenge help you lay poolside with complete confidence.

Walk into any room knowing you look good…

No… you look great!

Feel your energy levels skyrocket…

Feel healthier and happier than you have in years…

And still… after all that… you must be thrilled by your results, or just send a simple email in the next 60 days and Ingrid will give you a full refund.

In other words… 

You have nothing to lose… except all that ugly fat that’s been keeping you out of the clothes you love… from doing the things you love… being healthier for the people you love.

Just 21 days to overcome everything that’s been holding you back.

Remember Dree? Well… today she’s rocking a bikini on the beach for the first time ever!

“If I can lose 25 pounds, YOU can do it too!”



When you enroll now, for the crazy-low price of just $37… you get to instantly download all this…

Fat Loss Fiesta: The Complete Fat-Blasting Guide
Ingrid’s Exclusive “Mind-Body-Merging” Guide…
The Fat Blasting Food Journal…
Ingrid's 63 “Simply Slimming” Recipes… 21 Breakfasts… 21 Lunch And 21 Dinner Recipes…
The 7 Day Fat Loss Kick-Start Menu…
And Ingrid’s “Flat-Belly Approved” shopping list.

Enroll now before this page is taken down, and you also get a trio of Fat-Blasting Special Reports:

The Fat Loss Fiesta Ultimate Quick Start Guide gives you a running start as you move toward the body of your dreams.
Ingrid’s Emergency Fast Food & Restaurant Guide makes sure you always know what belly-flattening foods to order whether you’re eating out or in the drive-thru lane. 
And in Food Label Lies! Ingrid exposes the dangerous lies you’re told every day in the supermarket!  

This package of exclusive reports will be sold on their own in the near future, but when you enroll now they’re yours 100% FREE.

Only for those watching this video, Ingrid’s put together a kitchen tour video where she reveals how to turn the most important room in your house into a fat-blasting wonderland.

No other plan covers this critical component of successful fat-loss. And you’re getting it FREE.

And don’t forget Ingrid’s generous money back 60-day guarantee!

Go ahead…

Click the enroll now button below…

I’ve been where you are…

I was 50 lbs overweight… but I knew, hiding under all that flab was the real me.

I learned you can keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll
keep getting what you’ve been getting…

Or… you can take action and change everything you hate about your life.

My life’s changed in so many wonderful ways. Now let me help you do the same.

Be confident… in control… sexy! 

Enroll right now and I’ll see you on the inside…


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